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In partnership with Woman Status of Canada, the Greater Trail Community Skills Centre (Skills Centre) and Teck Metals Ltd., Bock and Associates completed a 30-month mentorship project at Teck Metals Ltd., Trail Operations.  The project, Mining and Refining 4 Woman (MR4W), focused on ways to improve the retention and advancement of women in the mining and refining sectors.  With the growing shortage of skilled labour in the resource and construction sectors, organizations, as well as government are looking for solutions to recruit, retain and advance skilled talent.  Up until now, women have not been the major focus as a solution to these workplace challenges, yet data continues to show that they are interested and want to enter non-traditional careers.  The challenge is how to prepare and support women and men for this shift in workforce composition.

Another long-time project for Bock was the roll out of Trilogy Conversations.  In collaboration with co-owner, Julie Butcher, Trilogy Conversations made its debut.   Founded on the philosophy that ‘Relationships Impact Results’, Trilogy Conversations challenges individuals to shift the way they think about conversations focusing on what matters most.  Bock and Butcher have a number of workshops with Trilogy Conversations and what they hear from clients repeatedly is that Trilogy offers simple, practical and affordable options for organizations wanting to integrate coaching conversations, stronger leadership and accountability into their culture; the impact is measured in the results.